Aug 28, 2017 Big Ten Features
The Reason I Play - Part 1 of 5
Melvin Keihn was born during one of Liberia’s bloodiest Civil Wars. He grew up with his mother (Satta Johnson) in the countryside – his father (Bainda Keihn) remained in the capital city of Monrovia but was able to visit him on a couple of occasions. Bainda joined the United Nations and escaped the violence in Liberia by traveling to the United States. Once there, he applied for a political asylum to remain in America and after it was granted he began the process of applying for a visa for Melvin to join him in the United States. Back in Liberia, Melvin was facing the dangers of the Civil War on a daily basis. When he finally received word that his visa had been approved, his mother took him to the airport. Melvin’s mother told him that she

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